About the Photographer

I have been photographing since I won my first camera in second grade…for painting a giant mural of an underwater scene.  Little did I know then I would become a Certified SCUBA diver!  I have relocated around the country more than most…new journeys…new adventures….and best of all, new photographs!  My travels have taken me around the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, South Pacific and the Caribbean.

You may have noticed that I took a [long] hiatus from posting here.  I got caught up in RVing full time (to take more photos!) and my time went to writing a travel blog. But….I’m back here now and will be posting a lot of photos from those traveling days!

Most photos posted are available for purchase.  Inquire about availability by posting here on the blog or by emailing me directly:


Thank you for visiting!


14 thoughts on “About the Photographer

  1. tj………..i like what i see and again,,,,,should you ever travel northeast,,it’s a photoghers haven………ken

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